Thursday, July 30, 2009

mountain hiking -' Wanken' near Garmisch, Germany

Yesterday Hanna andI did a long mountain tour. We climbed the 'Wanken' at Garmisch (really Partenkirchen) in Bavaria, Germany in three and a half hours. One can see the highest mountain in Germany, the 'Zugspitze' and the wold famous skiing jump at the bottom. The beetle is a European longhorn beetle, the fist one that I saw in my lifetime. i don't want to see it more often though.


tim said...

What wonderfull countryside , I cant see why anyone would travel to another country when you have that on your doorstep . I i'll have to come across one day to see the area


tim said...

who would want to travel abroad when you have that countryside near your home. I love the mountains and forests , one day I'll haveto come and see this for myself